Get to know your products

Ever wondered what all those symbols and “hard to pronounce” ingredients are on the back of your beauty products?

It’s hard to know what to look for when shopping for the latest lotions and potions. I can tell you this;  if you’re not sure on the ingredients, look them up. You’ll be surprised to find out that when you pay attention to these ingredients,  you’ll notice  many high end designer creams have basically the same ingredients as your 5$ cream from the local pharmacy.

Ingredients are also listed in decreasing order of predominance in their concentration by weight. Meaning if you see a catchy face cream containing wrinkle fighting collagen, take a look at where it lies within the ingredient list. Chances are its at the bottom of the list thus theres very little in there.

Theres also a slew of ingredients to watch out for, so it will be worth your while to do a little research as to what your putting on your skin.

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