ysl touche eclat

YSL Touche Eclat

As a self proclaimed makeup junkie, it’s only natural that I try almost every product under the sun at least once. Recently I gave YSL Touche Eclat a try. Touche Éclat is available in four color choices ranging from- luminous radiance (light with a pink-ish undertone), luminous ivory (light with a yellow-ish undertone), light peach (medium warm beige color), and luminous toffee (rich brown toffee colour). This pen is NOT a concealer- do not be fooled of that, although it may look like one. It is a highlighter, designed to add light and glow to specific areas of your face, allowing you to look more refreshed. I have found that this product works best when used over your regular foundation and concealer regime.For best results, apply it around the eyes, along the cheek bone, in the hollow of the chin, above your eyebrows, the contour of the lips and the bridge of the nose. This product is fool proof and fun to work with, I’m hooked! This gold pen will be sticking around in my makeup bag thats for sure. ysl touche eclat