Boca Grande

Opened in summer 2011, Boca Grande is already one of Barcelona’s hotspots. Its stunning design, Mediterranean food and live dj in the bathroom makes this place a hit.

It houses a Restaurant, cocktail bar, terrace and much more. Its located in a great space in the exclusive Passatge de la Concepció. I managed to snap a photo of the menu moments before I lit it on fire. Being that the multi language menu lies in a clip board; flipping to the english version landed the pages on the table top candle. Ops! Aside from my embarrassment, That didn’t stop me from spending the entire evening there.

After dinner I moved upstairs to what they call ‘the apartment’ I imagine that this is what an upperclass Harvard bar might look like, or a place prince Harry might stop in for a old fashioned or pint. That didn’t stop my friends and I from having a little impromptu iPhone photo shoot in the back corner.

All in all I loved this place, and it’s bound to be open for a very long time. They might want to rethink the clipboard menus however..

check it out for yourself!
Dress - BCBG
Ring - Aldo

El xampanyet

If you're ever planning a trip to Barcelona, you must sample the delights of Cava, Catalonia's own take on France's Champagne. El Xampanyet is considered by many to be the best Xampanyeria (Champagne bar) in the city and the Barcelonese pack this place on the weekends before hitting the clubs. The house Cava, served in litre bottles is a bubbly well worth indulging in.
And don't you dare go anywhere until you've sampled the mind blowing tapas! Wow! Some of the best food I have ever had. The goat cheese red peppers where mouthwatering and the dessert was a perfect compliment to such a great meal. It doesn't look like much, but trust me it's the right amount to fill you up and not out.
Such a great atmosphere and friendly staff.
The colourful ceramic tiles are very much in keeping with Barcelona's Modernisme movement, Find it by the Picasso Museum.

Best lip balm for the beach

Fresh sugar lip Treatment

I kept my pout beautiful in my travels this summer with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. 
Its built in SPF 15 protected my lips from harmful UV rays. It has reparative oils and waxes with real sugar, a natural humectant, for dependable moisture. Sweet and tart black currant oil, rich in plumping essential fatty acids, cushions the lips while antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E provide protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals. I used the clear version and it was my first time trying this product. Its probably the only SPF lip balm that I've tried in which you can't taste that rancid sunscreen taste. I even wore it over top of my lipstick. This ones a keeper for me!

Beach hair

Returning home from the Mediterranean was a but if a bummer. Saying good bye to my voluminous beach hair was even worse. There’s nothing like recapturing my childhood obsession of Pamela Anderson’s CJ hair from baywatch (the body is another story)
Until I discovered bumble and bumble surf spray. What it is is a saltwater-based styling spray. It ads volume and a matte texture to the hair to create a sexy, wind-blown beach effect. Salt water is no secret to editorial stylists for adding volume and texture, and anyone who has been in the ocean knows of that salty, sexy, sun-dried, wind-styled look. So while Bumble and bumble hasn’t exactly bottled the real thing, they’ve replicated and improved it, including seaweed and kelp extracts to enhance moisture. I managed to fill a whole smartwater water bottle full from cap d’ile, but with the 23 kilo allowance on luggage, I had to say good bye. Thank goodness for bumble and bumble.


Café de Paris

My first stop upon arriving in Monaco was of course, Cafe de Paris. Located right beside Monaco’s infamous casino sits the Café de Paris. It’s the most wellknown setting for “rendez-vous” in Monaco. Open year round, from breakfast until late into the night, this is the spot to savor a vast choice of food, drinks and exotic cocktails in an exceptional ambiance. For a breakfast worthy of the name, or an enchanting start to an evening in the atmosphere of the renowned Café de Paris, the terrace bar is the ideal choice. While I didn’t have time for cocktails or food, I grabbed a perrier and a cafe au lait. When I have the chance to go back I will leave myself more time to sample the savoury fairs.

Les Deux Garcons

No visit to Aix en Provence is truly complete without a trip to Les Deux Garçons, the city’s legendary brasserie known informally as the 2Gs. You don’t go there for its food or its service (though both are perfectly adequate) but to soak up its rich history, marvel at the ornate First Empire interior and bask on the terrace. I enjoyed one of Frances signature dishes; the Croquet Madame. A ham and cheese toasted sandwich with a fried egg on top. It was delicious!

Cote d’Azure Bronze

On a recent trip to Cote d’Azure, I was determined to bring back and keep my beautiful bronzed glow. Its true, nothing compares to that rich bronze colour you achieve from the Mediterranean. So what better choice that Guerlains Terra cotta Bronzer. The second I tried it, it shot up to the number one bronzer in my makeup bag. Its flawless colour glides on effortlessly and has zero sparkles so its daytime friendly! It can also double for contouring, just use a slanted makeup brush or pinch a puffy brush for precise application and voila! Sculpted cheek bones. Try it for yourself, you wont be disappointed, They come in colour suited for your hair  colour.


guerlain bronzer compacts make it almost impossible to get the wrong shade.