Glam it up!


Its always flattering to have a bit of body shimmer or tinted moisturizer if you’re wearing a short skirt or dress. Just a bit of shine can make you look healthier, younger, more toned and even out your complexion.

Here are some of my super glam bronzing products..

M.A.C Strobe Cream – Perfect for the face or body. It really catches the light and glows on your skin. It’s a staple of mine.

Scott Barnes Body Bling – The best tinted body lotion around. All the A-list actresses use it for their red carpet events, its pure awesomeness

Nars Body Glow – Its oil based so it moisturizes a great deal, which is great for the dry winter months. Wait a few minutes after applying it before you get dressed though.

Argan Oil – Straight up this is the best discovery ever. You can use it on your face, hair and body, it’s A-Mazing! Only use a pea size amout for your hair tho, a little goes a long way. And get it from the health food stores that way you’re getting pure Argan oil without perfumes or dyes.

Make a point of checking out the beauty products whenever you go abroad. You’ll find all sorts of cool things that you cant find at home. America is great for fake tans, France has good moisturizers, while Japan has a whole host of interesting beauty finds. Especially if you’re after bleaching and hyper pigmentation creams.