Dior AirFlash

dior airflash

I just love testing out new things, especially ones that aim to save you time and effort! But unfortunately I have mixed feelings about Dior AirFlash.
A+ for advertising that’s for sure! I also love the idea of a ‘spray’ foundation but the problem is, it ends up being a bit more complicated than it appears in those flawless advertisements.
In order to get an airbrush finish you must hold the can fairly far from you face.…

Enter problem number 1. The further you hold it away from your face the more foundation ends up in your hair, on your shoulder and all over the bathroom (or wherever you do your makeup)

Problem 2 is the closer you spray to your face to contain the fly away makeup the ‘cakier’ and ‘splotchier’ it can look.

Problem 3 To avoid problems 1 & 2 by spraying directly onto a sponge or brush, you end up defeating the entire concept of an airbrush foundation entirely.
I love a spray tan from a can but Dior foundation, unfortunately not.
A little note to the manufacturers… Try a ‘thinner’ foundation, that way you can spray at close range and avoid the cake effect ;)