Strom Spa

Strom Spa officially opened in 2009 just minutes from downtown Montreal and I was thrilled when I was invited to review it. I chose a sunday evening for my thermal experience. It was a cool crisp night so I steered clear of the cool baths. I was ready to go for the complete experience from top to bottom but by the time I exited the hot bath and was on transit to the cool one, I lost my will power. I convinced myself that standing outside getting cold was the same thing as diving into the cool water and somehow the benefits are the same. I was later told thats ridiculous.

Needless to say I thoroughly  enjoyed the hot baths, the sauna, the smoking hot eucalyptus steam room and just simply relaxing and putting my feet up by the fire.

The architecture and layout of this place is modern and will blow your mind. The facilities include, outdoor whirlpools, thermal and Nordic baths, Finnish saunas, eucalyptus steam bath, thermal and Nordic waterfalls, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas with fireplaces.

Theres also an event coming up called “nights under the stars” where the spa stays open from 11pm-3am. There’s a DJ, tasty martinis and h’orderves. I think this is when I will be planning my next visit.


Full again

Tired of thick lifeless hair, especially during winter? Well, I sure am. I’ve tried many products for volumizing, thickening and fortifying and most of them just seem to make my fine hair more lifeless than it already is. That is, until I discovered Kevin Murphy’s thickening lotion. I kept reading about it in numerous magazines and seeing it on the counters of salons professionals. So while I was at my hair salon I asked my hairdresser if i could try it out and see what all the fuss is about. I applied a small pea sized amount of the lotion to the palm of my hand and smoothed it all over my hair from mid length to tips. After my blow dry was done, I could not only see the difference but feel the difference! My pony tail felt like it doubled in size! Amazing! After that, I bought a bottle and cant stop using it. It really lives up to all the hype.

While its hard to find, check out Kevin Murphy’s site to find a salon near you.

Club 55

Club 55 St. Tropez took my breath away. The beautiful bamboo lined walkway was just the beginning of this magical place. Inside the white canopied terrace was a place where men wear button up polo dress shirts to the beach. A place where ladies adorn white lace for lunch, and where birkin, Hermes and channel have a place at the beach.

It was like being in a Ralph Lauren photo-shoot, only I would have been sent home for wearing black. Figures I wore my beautiful backless white lace cover up the day before and got it scuffed up.

There are two parts to club 55. The restaurant terrace and the beach. In order to lay out on the beach you need to rent a mattress or two and an umbrella should you choose so. You can also order up a fancy bottle of rosé and have it sent right over to your tanning paradise. The beach is a medium soft sand. Its beautiful, and full of beautiful people. Theres also plenty of large yachts off in the distance to remind you that you’re in St. Tropez paradise.  Inside the terrace bar area is equally breathtaking. From the canopy trees draped with misting machines to the assortment of beach goers, its a sight not to be missed. I dined on a niciose salad and decided to indulge in some club 55 champagne.. When in Rome! ;P