To frown or not to frown

Has your face suddenly formed new expression lines that you’re not too fond of? Have you been thinking about botox but are a little wary of the procedure? I’m going to give you a little break down to ease your worrying. Majority of the A-listers do it but doing it right is the secret to keeping a secret.

What is it : Botox is a botulinum toxin type A It erases wrinkles by blocking the nerve impulses that cases muscles to contract.

The cost : Approximately 400$ every 3-4 months

My take : Hands down its the most effective way to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. You will notice immediate results and after a week you will see the final result. Dont just go to any doctor; do your research and make sure they have experience. I worked at a place just specialized in Botox and Filler injections. Try to seek out those clinics and also plastic surgeons.





Know the rich-girl secret for crazy shine

Healthy hair looks as if you’ve always had the time and the money. Well, fake it till you make it! The key to great looking hair is to flatten the cuticles or the outermost part of the hair so that it can reflect the light. How? Add a thickening spray to the roots of the hair; blow dry hair using a 2.5 inch round brush with the nozzle of the hair dryer against sections of your hair. Blow drying is like riding a bike.. It’s quite hard at first, but practice makes perfect and once you get it you’ll have fabulous hair for the rest of your life. Or you can always head over to your locale Blow bar :)

Luminosity 101

Smooth, hydrated skin reflects light most efficiently. So exfoliation and moisturization are key. Rest also revs up glow, during sleep, growth hormone is stimulated leading to skin repair and collagen production. But if you’re lacking in the sleep department and skimping on your skin care regime the best way to fake it is with my favourite product; Strobe cream by M.A.C. This cream is awesome in a tube! In the winter you can apply this cream all over your face for a healthy glow. In the summer months you may not need it all over unless you have really dull skin. So in this case, just apply it to your upper cheek bones and on the bridge of your nose. This product is great under make-up or all alone. It smells great too. mac-strobe-cream-swatch

Shopping for sunshine

Nice, capital of light? In any case hats are a must in nice, whether a Borsalino or sun hat the place to get one in La Chapellerie, with a selection of 3,000. Do not pack one before your trip to nice; trust me.

La Chappellerie – 36 cours Saleya

For true luxury, head to the port behind the yachts, where the leather-maker ‘Vignes’ specializes in exotic skins like python, crocodile and ostritch. There you will find the most luxurious handbags and goods.

Vignes – 13 rue Bavasto

Sephora Bronzer

On a recent search for my favourite aerosol bronzer from St. Tropez. I came up empty. That is because the St. Tropez self tanner in the aerosol can is very hard to find in Canada. You have to purchase it online and spend a small fortune. So, on a recent attempt at something new I decided to give Sephoras aerosol bronzer a try. It cost 18$. Worst Self Tanner/Bronzer I have ever tried! and I’ve tried allot in my day. Save your self the cash! It smells horrible and you’ll end up using the entire can before you even see a glimpse of colour. Your best bet on a budget is to get L’Oreal Sublime bronze. It’s my favourite ‘cheapest’ Self Tanner.L'Oreal Sublime Bronze