Bite on this!

Originally conceived as a summer pop-up shop, the Toronto-born makeup brand’s now a permanent outpost in SoHO New York is killing it with their custom lip lab.

Customers can customize any shade of lipstick and have it made before their very eyes.
They pick pigments and emollients and spin it in a compact centrifuge, then pour into a neat circular lipstick mold chilling at precisely -2 degrees Fahrenheit until it hardens into a perfect waxy bullet. The entire process takes approximately seven minutes from start to finish, right down to the neat handwritten label with your name on the box. The grand total? Forty-eight dollars—and enough newfound lipstick love to carry you through until the next one.

Oh! And before I forget to add the icing on the cake, the company is committed to using only all natural food-grade ingredients that are technically safe enough to eat,—even if you’re not the type to worry about silently ingesting trace amounts of your lipstick.



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