Skin Cleanse

Your skin is often a mirror to what’s going on inside. If you’re constantly breaking out and can’t seem to pin point why, try getting a food allergy test and switching up your diet.

To get started it’s a good idea to hit the reset button on your taste buds. You can get a really effective cleanse by cutting out caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt, meat and processed foods from your diet in just 3 days. Drink loads of water, juice or herbal tea and eat plenty or raw, fresh produce. If you’d like to add protein think nuts and yogurt. All that good fibre will clean away any rubbish that’s looming in the intestinal track. This kind of detox with reset your taste buds and cleanse your body, thus projecting in your skin.
You can loose you taste for sugar and salt in as little as 3 days! Great to do before an upcoming event.


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