Look your best Online

Having a long distance relationship? An important business meeting via skype? or keeping up with your friends via facetime?

These applications offer an instant way to connect, but the screen itself  can alter your beautiful face. The screen casts a green tone over you and washes out your colour, The result is that it makes you look flat and your hair gets a weird and messy silhouette.

Fortunately, there are few specific light and angle fixes that can make a world of a difference—along with a bit of hair and makeup strategy—that can make anyone appear more than perfect. Here, is my guide to a better FaceTime or Skype session:

(1) Position yourself so that you are facing a bright sunny window for the duration of your session. Warm lighting is always more flattering than cool lighting. If there isn’t a window nearby, or if it’s dark outside, choose a well-lit spot like the kitchen and make sure the main source of light is coming toward you at face level—not from above or below (hello blairewitch!). Those little white christmas lights work wonders for this! ;)

(2) Make sure the camera on your computer is at eye level. One of the main reasons people look bad on-screen is that the computer is placed low on a desk or lap, so your head is tilted downward. Being shot from the chin upward is only going to give you a gruesome double chin. To Avoid this, take a stack of books and prop up your computer or iPad. My secret; crop your head right to the top of the screen.

(3) Look straight into the camera, (I know it’s hard not to check yourself out) This is particular important if you’re having a business meeting, interview or online audition.

(4) Leave hair loose around the face, it tends to be softer and more forgiving than going the ponytail route. Run a brush through your hair to ensure a smooth silhouette and use hair spray or serum to secure flyaways.

(5) Apply a little bit more makeup than usual, but don’t overdo it. You can always use your “online camera” as a mirror to apply it. This way you’ll be able to see exactly what it’s going to look like. If you tend to be shiny, you can dust a finely milled powder over the T-zone for good measure. And if possible, avoid wearing glasses.


Now you’re ready to put your best “online” face out there!


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