Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup

Wondering what’s in this season for makeup aside from the obvious full brows (I mean really, are skinny Pamela Anderson eyebrows ever making a comeback.. lets hope not)

Well, it’s always a variety of different looks, however this seasons range is quite adaptable to almost anyone. It’s a mixture of very strong bold colours and fresh face nudity.

To emphasize this mix of strong versus subtle, play up the features you want to draw attention to with colour. Blue and green hues on the eyes were spotted on most of the runways while others opted for vivid crimson hues on lips. Then others emphasized neutral lips and glowing skin.

The best way I can suggest for looking like a “pro in the know” is to bust out a blue or green eyeliner. Don’t go overboard, try using these methods of applying.

wing eyeliner The Winged Shape – draw the upticked winged line in a light brown shadow first, then trace over it with a colourful pencil or liquid liner using short strokes. The brown shadow acts as a stencil and is easy to wipe away if you make mistakes.

cat eyelinerThe Cat-Eye – Make the standard wing more dramatic by adding liner along the lower lash line, and connect the two lines at the outer edge. If it’s heavier on the top it’s Marilyn Monroe style. If it’s heavier on the bottom it’s Sophia Lauren.

smudged eyelinerSmudged – The softness of this look makes it so versatile. It’s the easiest look to accomplish, even if you’ve never applied liner. Simple draw a line and rub it out with your finger, sponge or make up brush.

lower lash eyelinerLower Lashes – Drawn along the inner rims or “waterline’, colourful liner can actually make eyes appear lager. Experiment with a variety of colours and see which colour works for you.


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