Brushes a girl can’t live without

Just like artists don’t always paint with their fingers, neither do Make-up artists. Don’t get me wrong fingers are great for applying make up but there are just some things better left to brushes. I’ve put together a list of all the brushes I use on a daily basis, my everyday so-to-speak (evenings out will look different). But as always with make up; It comes down to personal preferance. (This is just my personal list that I use on my own face)

mac 1501. Powder brush M.A.C 150- I don’t wear powder daily but I do wear bronzer daily. This brush is slightly rounded to pick up just the right amount of product, and it’s hairs aren’t densely packed so they spread beautifully. This shape is also amazing for contouring your cheek and jaw bones when you squeeze it with your fingers to form a straight line with the hairs.

makeup brush-mac-1872. Blush brush M.A.C 187 – I don’t go anywhere without applying blush. Yes, even the gym. I enjoy this brush because it works with creamy formulas as well as powders. I will sometimes layer a cream blush under a powder blush for a more intense look. (mainly at night)

mac brush 2173. Blender brush M.A.C 217 – I don’t usually wear eyeshadow unless I’m going out for a good time. So I generally use this brush to apply my daily concealer. Yup, thats right my concealer. Be it liquid, cream or pencil concealer I apply it and blend it with this brush.

sephora-professionnel-mineral-powder-brush-#454. Blending mineral foundation brush – Using circular motions, this brush can give you that airbushed foundation look. Another amazing tool for this is the Beauty Blender Sponge. It has a pointed tip to get around the nose and under the eyes. Get it wet and then apply the foundation as if you were sponge painting (this is my fav!) You will get the same effect as if you were airbrushed


As you can see, all of the brushes are M.A.C except the mineral foundation brush. That one you can find at Sephora along with the Beauty Blender Sponge.


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