Balnea Spa

Balnea spa Montreal 

Wow! What a spa! This is how I like em. Secluded, tranquil and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located in Bromont-sur-le-lac, roughly an hour drive from downtown Montreal is where you'll find this gem. It's amenities include.. Saunas with panoramic views, Turkish baths, outdoor hot tubs resembling wooden barrels, beach club, Forrest pool, thermal waterfall, sweat lodge, solarium, spa cinema, cafe, walking trails and a private lake. Now that's a whole lot-a stuff!

While I was there, I decided to try out their Swedish massage. My masseuse was 'Melanie' and her magical moves and pressure put me into a relaxing state of mind right away. I was in need of some neck relief after feeling really sore for the last couple of days. Turns out a few days later i came down with strep throat; so even Melanie wasn't able to fix that. 

I highly recommend this place for your own getaway, a couples retreat or even a girls get-together. (Just keep in mind to keep the noise down)

A days visit to the spa will cost you $60 on weekends & public holidays
$50 on weekdays
$35 after 5pm
When combined with a treatment:
$30 on weekdays
$40 on weekends & holidays

I can hardly wait to go back and try something else! Balnea balnea_2 balnea-spa-ete-des-chefs balnea2_4

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