Boca Grande

Opened in summer 2011, Boca Grande is already one of Barcelona’s hotspots. Its stunning design, Mediterranean food and live dj in the bathroom makes this place a hit.

It houses a Restaurant, cocktail bar, terrace and much more. Its located in a great space in the exclusive Passatge de la Concepció. I managed to snap a photo of the menu moments before I lit it on fire. Being that the multi language menu lies in a clip board; flipping to the english version landed the pages on the table top candle. Ops! Aside from my embarrassment, That didn’t stop me from spending the entire evening there.

After dinner I moved upstairs to what they call ‘the apartment’ I imagine that this is what an upperclass Harvard bar might look like, or a place prince Harry might stop in for a old fashioned or pint. That didn’t stop my friends and I from having a little impromptu iPhone photo shoot in the back corner.

All in all I loved this place, and it’s bound to be open for a very long time. They might want to rethink the clipboard menus however..

check it out for yourself!
Dress - BCBG
Ring - Aldo

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